Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Awkward Snorting

It seems like my schedule continues to get jammed with work, meetings, and things that aren't necessarily items I want to do but need to do.  However, I love reading.  I'm a self proclaimed book worm and thoroughly enjoy getting lost in a book if it means I get to escape reality for just a bit. 

To compromise, I listen to audio books while doing other tasks.  My aunt got me hooked on them as a way to stay awake on long car trips.  I usually listen to Stephen King audio books while road trippin' it because I GUARANTEE that you will not fall asleep if there is an axe murderer coming after you.  His last short stories I listened to are also the reason I got a speeding ticket.

"Officer, you don't understand!  The painting is coming alive and the guy is going to die!"

Amazing I didn't get thrown in the looney bin after that conversation.

Right now I'm listening to AJ Jacob's "The Guinea Pig Diaries".  I listen to it while working out at the gym.  I usually zone out to music but I wanted to try something different.  The book is hilarious.  Mr. Jacob's describes social experiments in which he is the guinea pig.  He has outsourced parts of his life to India, spent a month telling the radical truth, and got to see what it was like to be a beautiful woman (he was the talking head of his children's nanny's dating webpage).  The book is awkward and hilarious.

It is right up my alley!

I thoroughly enjoy listening to it those early mornings at the gym.  However, most people think if a person is wearing ear buds while working out then they are listening to music.  So, when a very funny part of the book comes up I try to hold in my laughter.  Which then turns into a snorting festival.  Which then turns into strange looks at the gym.

Don't care ... the book is great and Mr. Jacob's is about as awkward as I am.  Snorting and all.

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