Saturday, February 25, 2012

Awesome (Weird) Dream

I've been battling what will be known as "THE COLD OF 2012" this past week.  It caused me to miss a day of work, drink gallons of juice and water, eat gallons of soup, go through a few boxes of tissues, and neglect cleaning my house.  So I battled it with NyQuil, Mucinex, Tylenol, Claritin, Vapor Rub, and a ton of cough drops.  It has been horrendous.

Except for one AWESOME dream.

Apparently, when I mix sleepless nights and with some cold medicine I create illogical dreams.  I dreamt that I was going to see a client at a university (side note: my day job is chasing architectural projects).  I have no idea which university it was but it was real pretty.  Maybe Baylor University.

Anyhoo, I was waiting for the person I was supposed to meet with outside of a university building.  It was raining a bit but I was sitting dry in my golf cart (yes, in my dream I owned a golf cart) when the Dean of the university came over to take me on a tour of the university.  The Dean was Morgan Freeman.

Dean Freeman was a gentleman and really liked my golf cart.  But then I showed him my real ride (and don't question how I got the golf cart and my other vehicle to the university ... it is a dream after all).  He was quite impressed.  If Dean Morgan Freeman could be that impressed in my dream then it probably means I should get the car for real.
This car is so dreamy.  I'm pretty sure I would never get another cold if I drove this car.

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Shannah said...

Don't show this post to any real-life deans.

Because deans, as you know, think they are God.

If Morgan Freeman was the dean in your dream, then it must be true. They really ARE God.