Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Roller Skating Through Life

I recently purchased David Guetta's latest album "Nothing But The Beat" because the tracks are a fast enough beat to workout to and they let me daydream thereby making my workouts feel really short.  I also really like the songs and I have found out I can listen to the entire playlist while on my one hour walk around the neighborhood. 

So, I was surprised when I came to the track "Night of Your Life" featuring Jennifer Hudson.  During my walking daydreaming haze the song actually made me think, "This would be great on the roller rink!"  I envisioned a Xanadu remix with Jennifer Hudson being on roller skates.  However, the bad movie sets and horrible wardrobe would be the same.

This thought actually made me laugh out loud.  Which probably made the neighbors scared because they just saw me walking by myself and then abruptly double over in laughter.  Don't care ... long live Xanadu!

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Cathy_H said...

PUHLEEEEEEEZE can we go???? After the gala of course, but CAN WE???