Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Price Is Right

Growing up, during the school breaks and summer breaks, I loved watching ‘The Price is Right’ with Bob Barker.  I’d sit in front of the TV with my bowl of Lucky Charms and yell at the person on the screen that they are making the yodeling mountain climber go too high.  When that little yodeling fool fell off the mountain I shouted “TOLD YOU SO!” with a mouth full of delicious lucky charm marshmallows. 

However, I’m an adult now and gone are the days of being extremely excited to see the Plinko board and wishing that I could spin the Big Wheel.  Also gone are the summer breaks and Lucky Charms.  Life is so cruel.

Therefore, I’m finding the fun in being grown up.  I have a front load dryer.  There are times that I don’t always pull all of the clothes out of the dryer when they are done and just go to the dryer to find socks, that specific pair of workout pants or pull out the item I need at the specific moment.  This kind of disorganization can make the clothes in the dryer get intertwined and I have to dig down deep to find what I’m looking for. 

So I manually spin the barrel inside the dryer to make the clothes that I’m looking for miraculously appear on top.  While doing so I pretend I’m on the Price Is Right (with Bob Barker, not Drew Carey) and finally spinning the Big Wheel.  If the piece of clothing I’m looking for appears in one turn that means I’ve hit the $1.00 mark.  WOOHOO, $1,000 bonus and the showcase showdown!
Always living the dream; the dream of kissing Bob Barker and spaying or neutering my pet.  Good times.

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