Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Omen

This past Monday I was sitting in my company’s conference room with the rest of the staff discussing projects, office schedules, and pursuits.  We do this every Monday.  It is routine.  Sometimes it is monotonous. 

However, this Monday was different.  Something hit the side of the conference room window hard.  REALLY HARD!  Like taking a baseball bat to the glass hard.

The noise made everyone jump a bit and then we looked outside.  A dove had flown into the glass and lay on the ground dead.  In that moment all you can do is stare and then laugh because of the awkwardness of the situation.  Then it gets really quiet because the thought of “this is an omen for my week” starts to pour through everyone’s mind.

But don’t fear!  One of the owners of the company (who is a good ol’ hunting Cajun) pipes up and says, “I can clean him off and add him to my limit for this week.”

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