Monday, October 3, 2011

Shout Out: Sweet Firefly

As I was getting my hair did on Friday I over heard a lady in the chair next to me talking about her shop opening up the next day (Saturday).  Being the nosey person that I am I asked her what she was talking about.  Patti was thrilled to tell me about her ice cream shop opening a few doors down from the hair salon.

So, again, being the nosey person that I am I stopped by the shop on Saturday to sample the goodies.  The shop, Sweet Firefly, is located in II Creeks shopping center in Richardson.  Stopping by on a Saturday is ideal because the Farmers Market is going on and the shops are hopping.  And the line at Sweet Firefly is long. 

The shop has seating outside which was crowded by the folks who already had their treats and were enjoying the amazing weather and prime people watching.

Inside, the line of customers eagerly gaze at the menu board and watch the staff behind the counter prepare the orders.  Opposite the ice cream line there are jars filled with all sorts of candies and chocolate covered goodies.  It is your one-stop shop for delicious cavity inducing treats.

But the one item that made it easy for me to decide to give them a “Shout Out” is the availability of shaved ice.  I have not had a good snow cone since moving to Dallas.  Plus, they carry the flavor ‘Tigers Blood’.  This flavor has nothing to do with Charlie Sheen but has everything to do with my childhood days of standing in line at JJ Snow Cones burning the bottom of my feet while I hoped and prayed that I didn’t melt before I was able to get my precious ice and syrup concoction.  And Sweet Firefly brought all of those fun memories flooding back.  I honestly felt like a kid in a candy store.
I love the mason jar light pendants!
Additionally, the grown up in me is looking forward to spending time hanging out at Sweet Firefly.  The shop offers WiFi access and coffee.  I did not sample the ice cream this time but there is a vast array of flavors.  Patti said they have a dairy that makes the ice cream specifically for the shop.  The prices are quite reasonable, too.  Patti and her team are continuously looking for ways to make customers happy and to ensure repeat clientele.  I honestly think Sweet Firefly will have an avid following of people who want to relive their childhoods and create those same memories for their children.

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