Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ruining the Fantasy

Talking with a girl friend on the phone yesterday we were discussing men.  Specifically, we were discussing Matthew McConaughey and Gerard Butler.
She said she would like to spend her days with Matthew and I countered that I'd prefer to spend my days with Gerard.  However, we both agreed that neither of them should actually talk when in our presence.  It would totally ruin the fantasy.

I was having this phone conversation while at work (we were waiting for the project manager to join the meeting and were killing time).  So, from my end of the conversation all you heard was, "Agreed.  Men should never talk.  It ruins everything."

My male co-worker looked over at my desk when I said this and gave me an annoyed look of "I can hear you".  So I shouted back, "DON'T EVER TALK! YOU'LL JUST RUIN EVERYTHING!"

I am still giggling uncontrollably.

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