Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Le Sigh

I made the horrible mistake of looking at American Airlines' miles program deals yesterday.  I saw that I could go to Paris in the month of October on my saved up frequent flier miles.  I'd only have to pay taxes and fees (about $50). 

DE-PRESS-ING!  My schedule doesn't allow for me to pick up and leave right now.  I know patience is a virtue but I was not blessed with that fruit of the spirit.  My immature self was egging me on, "JUST GO!  You aren't getting any younger and it is a great deal!  Think of all the relaxing, sightseeing, and French speaking you could do!"  My immature self is a jerk.

My mature self said, "You have responsibilities to tend to and you can't leave.  The airline tickets may be cheap but you'd have to pay for a hotel and the euro is still stronger than the dollar.  Just wait until you are financially in a better position to go."  My mature self is a jerk, too. 

Good thing my passport has expired.  If it hadn't I might be typing this post from Paris.  C'est la vie.

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