Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't Try This At Home

Have you heard about Amber Miller?  She's the woman who makes every person on the face of the planet look like they aren't doing enough.  She ran the Chicago marathon before giving birth a few hours after crossing the finish line.  Don't believe me?  Then read this.

Kudos to Amber for being "I am woman, hear me roar" but she's making the rest of us look bad.  I think I'm doing good if I brush my teeth before lunch time.  Even if I did run a half marathon I'm not sure I'd want to squeeze out a baby right after it.  I would prefer to get a massage, pedicure, hamburger, and nap.  In that order.

And you know her beautiful daughter, June, is never going to live the whole situation down.

Mom: June, for the hundredth time, go clean your room!
June: Mom, I'm tired.  I'll get to it later.
Mom: Do you want me to tell you about tired?!  Try running 13 miles and then squeezing a 7 pound watermelon out your who-ha!  Now, GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM!
June: OMG!  You are so dramatic!

Just in case you were wondering "who-ha" is a technical term. 

Poor June.  She's going to have to live up to a lot.  Maybe if June runs a full marathon then builds a house with her bare hands before breaking in a wild mustang will her mom get off her back about taking the easy route.

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