Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Walt Disney's Intentions

Sometimes Disney movies teach us a thing or two about being human.

‘Bambi’ taught me that if I have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all.  There are severe consequences if you lie, according to ‘Pinocchio’.  In ‘Dumbo’ being different is great.  Some decisions in life are difficult to make like in ‘Old Yeller’.

I recently watched ‘Tangled’.  Not sure what kind of life lesson I am supposed to take away from that movie.  Defy my mom?  Run off with a guy I barely know?  Paint on my bedroom walls?  Seriously, I’m not sure.  It was a cute movie, though. 

However, I did steal one line from the movie.  After the bar scene (IT IS A KIDS MOVIE! WHY IS THERE A BAR SCENE?!), a short old man walks out of the tavern and says to the hag, “Someone get me a glass.  I just found a tall drink of water.”

I used this amazing line at my office.  The architect who sits next to me in our open concept office plan is a 50-something former construction worker and a little rough around the edges.  When he walked in late one morning I used that line on him: “Someone get me a glass!  I just found a tall drink of water.”

Best.  Reaction.  Ever.  He stood there, speechless, staring at me. 

Thanks, Disney.


Gator said...

Cheers for your POSITIVITY! Mad props, sister.

Now then... My own twisted interpretation of Disney. AHEM... Here goes...

Bambi: Just when life is becoming sweet as pie and looks like its FULL of possibilities, shit blows up.

Pinocchio: Puppets are scary. Do NOT EVER trust a puppet. Or the puppet master. *SHIVERS*

Dumbo: Carnies should also be feared. Learning to fly however, is the shiz nizzle. Pooping in the face of your oppressors: Priceless.

Old Yeller: Refer to the lesson we learned from Bambi, i.e. life can be a real biotch.

Now Tangled... That's one Disney movie I think they actually got right.

1. Blonde always conquers evil (brunette.) IT'S A JOKE MY DARK HAIRED LOEVELY!! ;)

2. Frolicking in the forest beats the hell out of pining away in your office.

3. One should never cut one’s hair too short.

4. My own kung fu skills replace the need for a princely rescue ANY day.

5. Horses ROCK.

Boo yah Disney. Boo yah.

Julie said...

An elderly neighbor of mine said he smoked some "wacky tabacky" back in the day while watching the new Disney movie 'Fantasia'. He said, "That stuff got weird!"