Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shout Out: Four Season Farmers Market

I absolutely love farmers markets.  The produce that you can find at these outdoor markets are seasonal, delicious, and the person who grew it will tell you a million different recipes on how to cook the one item you purchased from them. 

I was pleasantly surprised this past Saturday when I visited the Four Seasons Richardson farmers market at II Creeks off of Custer Road.  The farmers market is every Saturday from 9am until 2pm (or until the weather permits).  The vendors offer various goods as well: fruits, vegetables, brisket, tamales, wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, clothes, jewelry, honey, salts, rubs.  This past Saturday there was also a dog adoption group with the various members who were looking for their forever home.  The entire market is pretty spectacular and a diamond in the rough. 

Some of the things that emptied my bank account included a magical lime wine from a winery in Rusk, Texas.  It tastes like a margarita but it is definitely a wine.  I can’t wait to have a Mexican food dinner party so I can share the bottle.  Free samples were handed out and those samples really do sell the entire bottle.
Lone Star Cellars is spectacular!
I also bought a bottle of olive oil infused with parmesan cheese and walnuts; a glorious dipping sauce for bread, a quick salad dressing, or a lovely addition to a bowl of pasta.  Again, samples were provided.  YUM!
The fruits and vegetables did not pass my eye either.  I went ahead and did all of my weekly shopping for the week: sweet potatoes, onions, green beans, squash, okra, peaches, jalapenos, green tomatoes.  I could have bought more but I ran out of money.
Items I also brought home but have not yet tried are brisket tamales and Hawaiian sea salt (very hard to find).  I’m tickled pink to have ventured out and found a place that you can have a conversation with someone who actually knows the product and will be honest with you (if a peach looks bad they will pull it and give you the best one they can find). 

You need to check the website to see which vendors will be at the coming week’s farmers market because some rotate out.  I can’t wait to go exploring this coming Saturday!

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pbj's mom said...

I have a bottle of that parmesan cheese/walnut olive oil at the house... divine! They were at the folk life festival in SA. And I can't wait to try the lime wine. My dad and stepmom travel to different wineries. I'll have to ask them to pick up a bottle the next time they are that way.

Thanks for sharing!