Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blue Steel Moments

My house has a long hallway that leads to the two guest bedrooms, guest bathroom, and master suite.  There is nothing amazing about this hallway.  I have some artwork hung on the wall, there’s a hall light, and the linen closet is at the end.  Trust me, it is a regular hallway.

It is regular until I feel sassy.  And I ALWAYS feel sassy.  At these moments in my life I transform my regular hallway into a fashion catwalk. 

I practice my model stomp, pose, arms swinging, and blank stare.  I try to perfect the look of “I’m better than you in every way” that models tend to have on the catwalk. 

Additionally, I also like to walk like the country girls from ‘America’s Next Top Model’.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then imagine a dog wearing shoes.  It is a horrendous walk but OH-SO-MUCH-FUN to practice in my amazing (transformed) hallway of fashion.

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