Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zombie Monday

Have you ever had one of those Mondays where nothing goes right, you never fully wake up, and you feel like the walking dead?  Well, welcome to my yesterday.  Zombie Monday.
I have two large projects that need to go out at the same time today.  Joy. (Note sarcasm.)  I spent the first part of my Zombie Monday frantically trying to get things done for one of the projects.  To only realize after lunch that I did it all wrong.  I ended up involuntarily spewing out another rainbow of colorful words in front of my boss.  Don’t worry … I denied saying everything.  I should be a politician.

The rest of the day was spent pouring over historical project information, tracking down project managers, and trying to maintain some kind of ladylike composure.  Yeah, I laughed too when I thought about me being ladylike.

Another Monday done.  Let’s hope Tuesday doesn’t turn into Tourette Tuesday.

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Gator said...

Dude. You should have flown the coup and joined us on our little Costa Rican soiree... And I was wrong. D is in fact already been voted off the island. And it's only Day 3! I will have to blog anonymously on someone else's page to explain in detail the madness... Her bday is this Wednesday and I predict it will be the last and final straw...

Any who: Mondays totally suck balls. So like Monday, the 29th, when I am forced against my will to resume normal office hours… I totally plan on taking vodka in my coffee. Something to ease the mainland depression ;)