Monday, August 15, 2011

Worst Part

The worst part about the juicing diet is TV.  In case you haven't noticed, TV has a lot of commercials.  A lot of food commercials.  And product placement.  I'm starting to notice how much our boob tubes affect our consumerism in subliminal ways.  Curse those marketing people!
I am trying to stir clear of those messages and have enjoyed reading my books or watching long forgotten movies.  Or, I do house chores that I'm always meaning to do (fixing the back fence, hanging up artwork, organizing the linen closet, etc.)  This juicing diet might actually get my entire life in order.

The cravings have not hit me yet.  I do think about grabbing a handful of chips from time to time but the cravings are not going to kill me.  However, today will be the first day in the office where I'm willing myself to abide by the juicing diet rules.  Let's hope I don't start foaming at the mouth.

Two down, five to go.

1 comment:

Gator said...

Muh Mamma says TV is the debil. Mamma don't let me watch no TV commercials...

Or go shopping while I'm hungry... Mamma also says no carbs in the house unless they grow on a tree or vine... AND I can't go into the kitchen AT ALL after 9 pm. The end.