Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tween on Vacation

My family went on a vacation through New Mexico a long time ago.  So long ago that I was tween age before "tween" was even a word. 

My family of five (dad, mom and two older brothers) were road trippin' in our mini van.  I still can't believe my family owned a mini van.  It was awesome.  It had AC, sat up to 8, and had a cassette player.  I'm pretty sure my brothers and I ruined the 'More Than Words' tape by Extreme in that cassette player.

On said road trip we were driving through the New Mexico desert.  Lots of desert with some mountains in the distant and maybe a buzzard circling our van waiting for us to die.  So much desert.  I finally had the back seat of the mini van to myself so I could stretch out and not have to share the middle seat with one of the brothers.  Back seat privileges were awesome.  It was our own piece of paradise on a never-ending road trip.
I spent my paradise moment laying down reading 'Nancy Drew' books.  I easily devoured one book a day and I absolutely love mystery novels.  Once I started reading the only thing that could break me away from my book was a earthquake, nap time, or Gerard Butler.  Ok, Gerard Butler was not in my vocabulary then but you get the idea.
At one point during our travels through the NEVER-GOING-TO-STOP New Mexico desert my dad had enough of my book reading and yelled "Dang it, Julie!  Sit up and look at the scenery!  You may not get to see it again!"  Only if Christmas came early would that come true. 

The only honest reply I could come up with was "I looked up 10 minutes ago and you know what?!  It is the same scenery!"  Quickly thereafter I lost my back seat privileges.  However, I continued to keep my nose in the book.  You win some, you lose some.

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Cathy_H said...

A. My husband is from New Mexico...and yes, you get A LOT of that scenery.