Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tuesday Resolve

Tuesdays are my only evenings of not having anything on my busy schedule.  And I try to keep it that way because I need what little bit of sanity I can get these days.  Ever since finishing ‘Lost’ I have promised to never get that hooked on a show again.  Therefore, my Tuesday evenings usually involve balancing my checkbook, listening to (and falling in love with) music, and whatever else I can do inside my air conditioned house.

Some weeks I paint pictures.  Other weeks I play the piano.  Sometimes I go through photo albums.  Other times I bake goodies.  Most evenings I dance around my house.  I try to do something that revives my spirit.  Having that one evening of creativity and reflection during the week keeps me on my toes and gets me excited about the next adventure.

Below is one of my favorite Tuesday evening songs by Melody Gardot.

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Cathy_H said...

Love that idea. And love the old world sound of the song.