Friday, August 19, 2011

Time to Come Clean

My name is Julie.  (Crowd collectively says "Hi, Julie".)  And I'm a veggie and fruit lover. 
I am thoroughly enjoying this juicing diet.  I love discovering the varieties of fruits and vegetables and combining them to make something amazing.  Plus, using fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, and herbs helps me lovingly remember all of my oversea adventures.  Greece uses fresh mint in several dishes, the spices from Paris bring back a flood of memories, and the pico de gallo in Mexico is NOT store bought.

Yesterday was probably the hardest day for me because I played volleyball right after work and had to run by the grocery store after that.  I didn't end up getting home until 8pm.  I went a little over 4 hours without having a snack and by the time I got home I was pretty hungry.  However, I made the "no pasta" dish again and munched on veggies until it was done.  I survived.

Today is the last day of the juicing.  I'm excited to complete the seventh day and thrilled to have explored the world of fresh produce.  I foresee a lot more freshness in my future dishes and healthy snacks at the office.  I was worried that the week would be torturous but it wasn't.  No outburst of hunger rage or crawling under my desk in the fetal position.

Tonight I'm sharing a girls night with some wonderful women.  I will be supplying part of the evening's meal and the hostess is vegan.  Check tomorrow's post to see the dishes I made that I can have as well as the hostess and other attendees.  And their reactions of the food.  We are also doing some paintings so the evening will probably end up in fits of giggles.


Gator said...

Way to go Jules! You get 5 golden Gator stars! Which are worth exactly jack shite, just like stickers! But now you can proudly prance about and say "Nah, Nah, na, boo, boo! I have stars and youuuu don't!" Congratulations!
I want very much to see a montage of food and art pictures since I wasn't invited to your foodie soirée. Boo... I shall spend one more sleepless night in the US thinking of your fun, then I'm off to the land of hair pulling monkeys! Don't worry about me though. I have a bad ass mother effing Kung Fu CHOP! Adios amiga!

Julie said...

I think Costa Rica would have been a perfect way to end my juicing diet. I'll just pretend I'm with your gang and get one of my rabid neighborhood squirrels to pull my hair. Perhaps a drink with an umbrella in it will make the illusion that much more real.