Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shout Out: Klein Embroidery

During a recent mad rush to get corporate gift items for a board retreat I turned to Klein Embroidery.  The owner is my college roommate and, therefore, I tend to stay in constant contact with her to make sure she is not telling college stories about me.  I’ll admit, EVERYTHING I did in college should never be repeated.  I’m surprised I survived.

Anyhoo … the college roommate started this embroidery company a few months ago and it has really taken off.  They are a local establishment in the Dallas area and, depending on the size of the order, can usually have embroidered items ready within five business days.  Which is unheard of unless you want to pay an arm and a leg.  However, the price quoted was shockingly reasonable.  Unfortunately, Klein Embroidery didn’t give me a discount because of our personal connections (I have dirt on the roommate, too).  I did receive a discount for being one of the first clients, though.  Wunderbar!
Klein Embroidery can do anything that can be embroidered.  They specialize in dog collars, corporate gifts, baby items, and birthday gifts.  If you ever thought “Dang!  I should have gotten that blanket personalized for Aunt Gertrude’s birthday” then you should hit up Klein Embroidery.  I love supporting mom & pop places and this mom & pop place is run by a young married couple that I actually know (and really like … I’d say I’d love them but that would just get awkward).

You can bring your own items to them to get personalized or they can provide the product for you (they have a list of preferred suppliers).  The corporate gifts that I had done were messenger bags with the organization’s logo embroidered on it.  The college roommate did a fabulous job to have them done for me within three days (saved my booty!).  Klein Embroidery actually picked up another client when the bags were presented to the recipients.
I would jump on this company quick if you want to get something done right, under budget, and keep your business local.

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