Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quick Dish: Crab Cocktail Salad

This past Saturday I was at the Navy Pier in Chicago.  A magical place where adults can be kids and kids can be kids.  However, at no time can kids be adults.  That's just annoying.
View is courtesy from my seat in the ferris wheel.
Mom and I had lunch at Riva on the pier.  Our appetizer was a crab cocktail and it is absolutely delicious!  So delicious that Mom made it last night for dinner.  No cooking involved.

The ingredients are cocktail sauce, fresh lump crab meat (already cooked), mixed greens, and diced avocado.  The avocado was not part of the original cocktail but it should have been. Layer the ingredients by placing the cocktail sauce in the bottom of the dish, place the greens on top of that, the crab next, and then the avocado.  The individual servings should be mixed before eating. 
Not only is the dish lip smacking good but it is quite light.  Gotta love a meal that is filling but doesn't have all of that guilt soaked in it.

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