Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not Too Bad

The first day of the juicing diet went well.  I didn't throw a tantrum and I didn't starve.  I'm noticing that the biggest part of this cleansing is the willpower needed to turn down sandwiches, pasta, roast beef, etc.  However, I keep telling myself that I only have 6 more days.

The juice de jour is a smorgasbord of vegetables and fruits: spinach, celery, cucumbers, green apples, blueberries, peaches, pears, and an orange.  Yep.  All of them together.  Taste is not that bad.  Color is questionable.
I needed something different for dinner so I made a "soup".  The mixture included tomatoes, half a lemon, half an onion, fresh ginger, fresh basil, and carrots.  I poured the mixture into a bowl and ate it like a real soup.  I did not heat the juice as that will diminish the nutrients but I did add some fresh avocado slices to the soup.  It was wonderful!

The soup had the right amount of spice from the ginger and onion, the proper amount of acidity from the lemon, and plenty of sweetness from the tomatoes and carrots.  The basil was hidden behind the other flavors so I may leave it out next time.


Gator said...

Well... I was going to support your juice diet by beginning one of my own... Like a good blog stalker should... So I'm really hoping Lime JUICE (with just a smidge of tequila and cointreau) counts as a juice drink. However, after reviewing last nights shenanigans I've come to the realization that those chocolate chip pancakes, the eggs and that biscuit with gravy that I most regrettably ate at 1 am, just blew the juice diet all to hell... F WORD. First day fail.

Julie said...

If you get the right kind of juicer you can juice the pancakes, eggs, biscuits, and gravy all together. I wouldn't recommend it.

Jhuv said...

I'm going to try this one out. But is it a problem that I don't have fresh finger? Most of mine are pretty well stale.

Julie said...

Amazing what an "edit" button will do for my spelling mistakes. I do NOT recommend putting finger in ANY juicer.

Gator said...

I thought that little bit of fresh finger sounded totally legit. I am rarely able to cook without losing just a wee bit of blood. Dinner anyone? ;) I thought it quite clever that you snuck it in there so nonchalant.