Friday, August 26, 2011

Chicago Living

I am in Chicago for work.  More specifically, for a work conference.  I love meeting new people, learning from other people's experiences and perspectives, and finding out when people don't get the proper work/life balance and then go to a conference they like to get crazy.  Gotta love conference folks!

Plus, the hotel experience is great.  I don't have a lavish room but I do have an air conditioner and I keep it on full blast.  Parkas are required to enter my room.  Awesome!  We could have a snow ball fight and possibly ski jump from the bed to the closet.  Bring your own skis.

Today is the last day of sessions and then I get to explore a little bit of Chicago.  The weather here is perfect.  Sunny with a bit of a breeze and if you sit in the shade you need a sweater.  I can't wait to sit outside and not sweat.  The breeze here is also cooler!

I like this strange land called Chicago. 

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Gator said...

Good news! When you get home from Chicago I have a little Costa Rican souvenir for you! She is a SF (black and white) with one blue eye and one brown. She will keep all of the rabid squirrels and wabbits, out ‘yer yard. She is quiet, honest, very laid back and likes to cuddle by the fire. Her hobbies include jogging, eating dead things and trash scavenging. So… When can I drop her off!?