Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Women Have the Upper Hand

Women can get away with a lot of things that men can't.  For example:
1) Wearing a dress to the office.
2) Blaming a certain time of the month for speeding, acting like a jerk, eating ice cream for breakfast, etc.
3) Making the samba look sexy.
4) Telling someone "bless your heart" and leaving the receiver questioning how we meant it.
5) Using a smile, fluttering of eyelashes, and politeness to get free stuff from guys.  Even gay guys.
6) Drinking martinis with the pinky up.
7) Driving a pink car.
8) Telling a man "I'm so glad you are pretty" when he does something really stupid.
9) Playing Nintendo Wii for the exercise and not to kill the guy with the AK-47.
10) Painting our fingernails in all colors of the rainbow.
I could go on but since this is my blog you can clearly see that women will always have the upper hand.


Gator said...

Can I get a Mother Effing Amen!? (Excuse my potty mouth and irritability... It's that time off the month. Now where is my man? I need someone to carry me...)

Julie said...

11) Whining in a high pitched voice.
12) Getting routine pedicures for health reasons.
13) Asking the grocery store clerk to get something off the top shelf for you.

I'm not saying men can't do these things. I'm just pointing out that women don't get weird looks when we do them.