Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shout Out: Trailercakes

When it comes to sweets I don’t have that big of a sweet tooth.  However, I love exploring local places and sampling what they got cookin’.   If the local establishment has a write up about them in a magazine or newspaper then I want to see what all the hubbub is about and decide for myself on whether or not they are, in fact, delicious.

After reading an article about Trailercakes I knew I had to go visit.  Their kitchen is open from 11:30 am until 2:30 pm (times may vary depending on their schedule of evening festivities) Wednesday through Friday.  I made a date with a foodie friend to go sample Trailercakes’ goodies.  I also started following them on Twitter and Facebook which turned out to be beneficial because they post their daily flavors, any adjustments to their open hours, and where Bubbles can be found in the evening through social media.

In case you are out of the loop, Bubbles is their Airstream trailer.  She can be found at block parties, holiday events, and various festivities throughout DFW.

The big day arrived to go to Trailercakes.  They knew we were coming because I had posted it to my Twitter account and they respond back that they were excited to have us visit them.  Bonus points for the communication!  Their kitchen is a bit difficult to find because it is in the basement of an office building but the building’s security guards seem to be used to people wandering in with the “I need a sugar fix” look.

Upon finding Trailercakes I was welcomed to the establishment and presented the day’s flavors: Laverne and Shirley, Slap-Your-Mother Chocolate, and Hitched.  I picked up a dozen (two of each) for a co-worker who needed to sample them as well as buying the mini versions for my own tasting.  Each regular size cupcake is $3 and the mini size is $1.50.  I thought the mini versions would let me be able to taste each flavor without having tons of leftovers.
After sampling each flavor I came to this conclusion: VIRGINIA, THERE IS A SANTA AND HE BAKES CUPCAKES AT TRAILERCAKES!  Each cupcake has a distinct flavor, texture, and decorated in a way that shows the love that the staff has for cupcakes and their customers.  “Hitched” tastes just like a wedding cake (I’m pretty sure William and Kate totally missed out), “Laverne and Shirley” allows the chocolate chip chocolate batter to play with the vanilla frosting in a mash up that is better than TV ratings gold, and “Slap-Your-Mother Chocolate” is so chocolaty that you have to slap someone after taking a bite.  If your mom is standing near you when you do take that bite make sure she knows to duck afterward.
Hitched on left, Slap-Your-Mother Chocolate in center and Laverne & Shirley on right.
Another bonus point for going to Trailercakes was the two free tickets to Taste of Dallas (notice of the ticket giveaway was posted to their social media sites).

There are many more tasty flavors to be had but I had to make myself not go two days in a row (one day is an adventure, but two days calls for therapy).  Thankfully, Trailercakes will be at Taste of Dallas and I don’t mind standing in line to quell the sweet tooth that is now growing thanks to their addictive cupcakes.


Trailercakes said...

Thanks for the glowing review of our treats! Your pics are awesome & your review confirms that you can taste the "love" we put into our treats. THANK YOU! :)

Happiness is in the frosting,
Trailercakes Team

Julie said...

Thank YOU for creating little pieces of heaven for me to sample and write about. Scarfing down cupcakes have never felt so good or so right.