Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh Mickey, You're Not So Fine

Freak out moment.

I noticed some mice droppings the other day in my garage.  Being the good homeowner that I am, I ran screaming to the store to pick up some sticky traps.  I’ve seen the sticky traps used before and they work wonders.  They catch EVERYTHING.  Including my finger but that’s for another story.

I placed the two traps in strategic places in my garage.  For a few weeks I didn’t catch anything in the traps.  I started to think I needed to add a dab of peanut butter to the sticky trap to lure the evil Mickey Mouse out of its hiding spot.  However, I’m not giving the bubonic plague carrying pests peanut butter as their last supper.  They can eat dirt and DIE. 

However, this morning after I got home from the gym I checked the traps.  I can easily see each trap without having to move stuff around.  Status of trap No. 1: still empty.  Status of trap No. 2: MISSING!  I might have severely pissed off some mutant rodent by not offering peanut butter on the traps.  CRAP!


Gator said...

A sticky trap!? Seriously? What if you find a little mouse stuck to it? Then what? Do you trash the little fella while he's still alive? Dear Sweet Baby Jesus and Savior of small animals. I will be praying for all the vermin in your garage ;) Now if you see the giant Mother Effer that ate my new saddle in MY garage... Tell him I have my shotgun ready. For reals, yo.

Julie said...

The boyfriend and I have struck a deal: I feed him and he will remove a full sticky trap. I'm probably due having 157 traps removed if we hold to our agreement but I'll settle for one.

Now that we know that I have a godzilla rat (rat baby was exposed to radiation and Asian food) I might break down and call the pros. Specifically, Seal Team 6. If they can get Bin Laden then they have a good chance with the godzilla rat.