Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Hips Do Lie

Shakira did a song a few years ago called “Hips Don’t Lie”.  In her music video she shimmied and shook her hips in ways that if the normal American woman did that people would think a seizure was in progress.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Shakira.  I think she is talented; talented in a way that if I were able to do whatever she did with her hips I would need a hip replacement.
Which is why the other day in Zumba, when the instructor said to get our hips into the music more, I realized that I have no Latin influences in my moves even though I grew up in Texas (which is now called North Mexico).  My moves seem to come from C3PO.  If there were a cardio aerobic class that involved doing “the robot” then I could lead the class.

You would think I would be depressed or feel like a failure but I don’t.  I still love the dancing because I dance like no one is watching.  In fact, I should probably wear a shirt that states “WARNING: Watching Me Dance Will Make You Implode”.  I dance around my house, I dance when I’m in the car, I dance at the office (sorry co-workers), and I dance when I eat something good (best dance ever).

I hope you all dance because you feel moved to move.  I’m setting the bar pretty low for gyrating hips so you can only do better than me; unless you are trying to do “the robot”.  In that case, I’m the Shakira of dorky white girls.


Gator said...

You ROCK white girl! So. You're a fellow car dancer, huh? I have decided recently NOT to advertise my business on my car because I am a car dancing QUEEN. And because I might occasionally pick my nose there... But mostly it's the dancing I'm afraid would turn people away. As for smooth move instruction, one belly dancing class will have those robot hips greased up and ready TO GO. Promise. I also needed traction, but it was totally worth it. My mother had to go and ruin it for me... She said, "Just so you know... Taking a belly dancing class is how I ended up pregnant with you!" (EW) Yep. Rumor has it belly dancing makes you feel oh so sexy! And it's legit exercise. I have to confess, I'm too intimidated to go 'Zumba' at Gold's because of the glass windows overlooking the weight room. Who the hell thought that was a good idea!?

Julie said...

I have been known to have dance-offs in the car when my passenger wants to change the station. That passenger is usually one of my brothers. I have an unbeaten record because the passenger refuses to bust a move to a Britney Spears song.

As for belly dancing ... I've done it. I do really well until we speed it up to the normal tempo. Then all hell breaks lose and a window gets shattered. *sigh*

Gator said...

Ha! I've never had a dance off in the car but I like the way you think. Try this! My fian-hub created a game called "So you think you want in my car? Then you must DANCE." Instead of walking to my side of the vehicle and unlocking the door for me, he races to his side of the car, hops in and refuses to hit 'unlock' until I have danced long enough to have 50 jillion people watching me. It's neat. It's also the reason he sleeps with one eye open. It's like a team building game. A team that's always trying to one-up the other... And he STILL hasn't realized I've posted a picture of him in his panties on the web! Dummy. Guess who's winning?