Monday, July 25, 2011

Legal Juicing

The boyfriend and I have experimented with juicing.  Specifically, juicing fruits and vegetables.  This is what happens when you watch too many documentaries about preservatives in our food.  I am slowly turning into a hippie.
The following is a list of the various produce we have tried and my review of each:
  • carrots - A bit earthy in flavor but sweet.  Not too bad if you add ice.  Or vodka.
  • blueberries - Requires an entire carton to make enough juice for two people.  The juice seems to be pretty diluted compared to eating the whole blueberry.  Would be great to add to a sorbet recipe.  Or make a martini out of it.
  • beets - The juice is VERY earthy and I highly suggest adding fresh lemon juice to the beet juice.  The lemon juice brings out the sweetness of the beets.  I'm determined to put the mixture in a margarita.
  • cantaloupe - Taste like pumpkin.  I bet it would be great with a Thanksgiving meal.  Or with rum.
  • apples - Pretty tasty because of the sweetness.  I'm almost certain the crew of 'Little House on the Prairie' drank this stuff.  Would make a killer appletini.
  • grapefruit - Super yum!  Fresh grapefruit juice taste like the stuff with the preservatives.  Mix with some triple sec and add ice ... love.
  • peaches - Taste great but would prefer to eat the peach instead of juice it.  However, add champagne and I'd change my tune.
Juicing is fun ... especially if the boyfriend cleans the juicer (difficult to clean).  I would like to juice a large quantity and freeze the liquid in an ice tray.  The veggie ice cubes could be used in soups and the fruit ice cubes could be thrown in smoothies.  Or your favorite cocktail.

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