Thursday, July 14, 2011

Care Bear Stare

I grew up watching the Care Bears.  They were awesome if you sat 6 inches in front of the TV, eating Lucky Charms, and wearing your Rainbow Brite nightgown.  I think I know what my next vacation will include!

However, the Care Bears' secret weapon was their Care Bear Stare.  Those fuzzy, non-mauling bears would combine their Buddha bellies to shoot out love and goodwill at their target.  And I know what you are thinking ...


In case you grew up in a city and never watched the Discovery Channel bears do not shoot out love and goodwill out of any body part.  What they do shoot out you don't want it aimed at you (however, monkeys tend to throw it at you) and I don't recommend being that close to a bear anyway. 

Plus, staring at people and sticking your stomach out at them does NOT give you the effect that you would expect after years of Care Bear studying.  In fact, announcing "Care Bears ... prepare to stare" and actually trying to do one in a business meeting tends to suck the goodwill out of a conference room.  Awkward.