Thursday, June 2, 2011

You Don't Have the (Cake) Balls For It

Yesterday was my first attempt to go back to work after my surgery.  I gave it a good shot but only worked half a day before the pain meds wore off.  When I jumped in the car as my mom came to pick me up (I can't drive yet because I can't turn my head) she handed me my bottle of pain meds and I quickly took a dose.  Twenty minutes later ... beautiful peace.

Today will be my second attempt to work all day.  And I'll be more prepared this time.  Specifically, lots of soup, lots of water, my allotted doses of pain medication and cake balls. 

The cake balls are not for me but for my co-workers.  If you read my blog and are in my neck o' the woods tomorrow please stop by and grab a few.

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