Monday, June 20, 2011

War and Peace and Dad

Father’s Day was yesterday.  As I lay on my couch watching ‘War and Peace’ (all THREE PLUS hours of it) I had plenty of time to ponder the significance of the holiday. 

I find it funny that we have holidays like this.  For example, Christmas is sometimes the only day of the year that some people go to church (and they act like a heathen the rest of the year).  Or Thanksgiving may be the only day that people feel thankful for what they have (the other 364 days of the year the theme is “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!”).

I tend to treat a holiday like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day the same.  My parents get a lovely card that usually makes me out to be a perfect child and, yes, the cards are HILARIOUS!  But I also hope they know that I don’t want that one day out of the year to say “Thanks” for everything they have taught me. 

My dad has taught me how to change a tire (reason #1 why I don’t do manicures … a flat tire will just ruin them), do home improvement projects (I’m not about to pay Joe Schmo $300 to fix my AC condensation line when I can do it for $4), skin a deer (I used this process to ace my anatomy/physiology class in high school), play chess (score is Dad: 37 and Me: 1), and work hard (shoveling manure during the summer as a kid was the only time I was allowed to curse … best time ever).

Dad has taught me numerous things that have carried me through life.  He’s a big part of my gift of common sense, my unique understanding of math, and my love of all things outdoors (except for bugs).  He has provided for my family through long hours at work, coaching my brothers and me on the t-ball field, and showing us how to ride a piece of plywood being pulled by a 4-wheeler during an ice storm.  He also showed us how to crack a rib by letting go of the plywood at the wrong time.

So, why only say “thanks for everything you do” once a year?  Why can’t children give shout outs to their dads on a random Thursday or at high noon on Monday?

To all of the dads out there, I hope your holiday was a momentous occasion that allowed you a longer nap or a special dinner in your honor.  But I also hope you know that you mean just as much to your children on the days that aren’t named “Father’s Day”.

To my dad, a continuous thanks for being the best example of what being a father entails.  You are welcome that I turned out so great.  Kidding.  But, honestly, I am a better person for being able to call you “Dad”.

Dad, I promise this is the only topless picture of me on the Internet.

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Gator said...

Excellent post Jules!! I almost fell off my stationary bike there at the end. What a beautiful family and I agree, your Pops must have done something right because you ROCK. Sadly I must admit you had me scratching my head... Do I have any topless photos on the web!? 'Cept that one accidental boob slip (bikini malfunction. Seriously. Not like Janet's National TV incident. I swear I'm innocent. I refuse to take blame for drinking the 13 margaritas that preceded said slip...) Way to stay classy Sister. Way to stay classy.