Monday, June 27, 2011

Shout Out: Klime Time

I am thug!  Well, not really but I did receive two notices from the City saying I needed to have some tree limbs that were crowding the alley removed.  I got most of them myself but there were a few branches that were intertwined with my neighbor’s electrical wires.  Even though I’m up for adventure being shocked is not one of them.  Thus began my search for a tree trimming service.

In addition to having the possible-electrical-shock limbs trimmed I also needed three other trees trimmed.  Keep in mind that the other three trees are HUGE.  Some would tower over a three-story house.

On my regular drive through my neighborhood the other day and came across a work truck for Klime Time.  Lucky for me the crew member (Jose) was talking with the homeowner in the front yard.  Being the crazy woman that I am I stopped in the middle of the road, yelled in a nasally voice (sinus infection side effect) to Jose if they did tree trimming and I was able to grab a business card from him.

Five minutes later, Jose came over to my property and gave me an estimate of what it would cost to do the work.  He explained what type of cuts they would be doing and why it was needed.  He also pointed out another tree on my property that needed to be trimmed as well.  Additionally, he also recommended getting rid of some useless trees (they are hard to maintain and add no value to the property) but I elected to wait on that until I can get some trees that will add value to my property to replace them.  (I am accepting donations!)

The brief walk through and a guarantee to have the work completed in 24 hours would cost me less than half of another company’s estimate I had received two days earlier.  WOOHOO!  Plus, Klime Time is insured and bonded (important so I don’t have to foot the bill if one of their workers is injured on my property).

The next day by noon, the five man crew was at my house and had the entire project done in two hours.  These guys are true professionals.  Robert, Jose’s brother and part owner of the company, walked me through what they were doing and recommended some things I could do on my own to help preserve my trees.  The crew had to climb on my roof to trim my pecan tree and they made sure that all large branches were tied off so they would not fall on my roof during the cut.  After all of the cutting was done they cleaned my property of debris and placed it on the curb for pick up.  (Side note: My city picks up tree trimmings for free so their estimate did not include the haul off fee.)  Additionally, the Klime Time crew picked up projects from four of my neighbors and was able to have everyone’s property done in six hours. 
The left side has been done and they are working on the right side.

Completed trees.  In the bottom of the picture you can see the 7 foot wall of tree trimmings waiting to be picked up by the City.
I will definitely be using them again in the future and highly recommend them to anyone needing an expert tree trimming service. 

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