Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shout Out: Hirsch’s Specialty Meats

The months of summer are upon us and I refuse to heat up my house cooking.  So my grill has become my new hobby.  I grill everything.  And I tend to grill enough to last me for the week (grilled veggies go into a casserole dish, grilled meats are cut up and go into salads, grilled fruit are healthy snacks during the work week, etc.)  I haven’t worked out the numbers yet but I’m pretty sure that my weekend grilling ritual is saving me money.  As an added bonus, I get a lovely tan while grilling.

On a recent Groupon email there was a deal for Hirsch’s Specialty Meats in Plano.  The deal was $15 for $30 worth of meat goodies.  So I snatched up the deal and made my way over to Hirsch’s last week.  It is a glorious butcher shop of yore.  It should be called “Ye Olde Butcher Shop”.  The staff behind the counter is knowledgeable about the meat, butchers behind them are constantly crafting cuts of meat, and the store is crowded (always a good sign). 

I grabbed some chicken breasts and marinated steak kabobs (cuts of sirloin with red onion and green bell pepper).  And when I say “grabbed” I mean I took a number, waited for the staff to call my number and then they waited on me until I said I was done.  I ended up paying $4 at the counter ($19 in total with the Groupon discount).  Paying almost twenty dollars for chicken and steak may seem like a bit much but once I got the meat on the grill and tasted it … OH. MY. HEAVEN!  Well worth every penny I paid and didn’t pay. 

Next time I have a dinner to cook for guests or in need of a good steak I’m heading to Hirsch’s.  Their store also has seafood and exotic meats (bison, venison, elk, etc.) and it is seasonal.  I can’t say enough about this new found treasure (it has been around for 30 years but I just found it).


Cathy_H said...

Hey Julie...why isn't this on

Julie said...

I have NO idea what you are talking about. *wink*