Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pinching Pennies

On my path to financial freedom I have had to take a closer look at my own life and come to some realizations that are quite hard for this American.  I recently sat myself down and had a heart-to-heart talk between my goal oriented self and the “fly by the seat of your pants” self.  The conversation was not pretty.  There was yelling and screaming and crying.  Thankfully, no one else saw this psychotic episode.

The end result … I do not need cable TV.  (And the cyber world gasps all at once!)  I honestly do not watch that much television.  If I do feel the need for some mind numbing entertainment I have Netflix.  So, I called my cable provider (to protect my liability, the provider’s name starts with a T and ends in a Warner).  The customer service rep asks what she can do to help me today.  I tell her “I need to cancel my cable”.  These were my options:

Option 1: Keep my cable the same way and hope I start enjoying TV.  Um … no.
Option 2: Upgrade my cable to include more channels and it will save me $5 a month.  You don’t know me at all.  I don’t want a plan that is going to offer me More TV and a $5 savings that will be eaten up by fee surcharges for the extra channels.
Option 3: Get rid of the cable and keep my Internet service for $45 a month.  Perfect.  That’s what I want.
Option 4: Keep your Internet service and reduce your channels to local channels and pay $40 per month.  Wait!  What?!  It is cheaper for me to have Internet and 12 channels (25 if you include the Spanish channels) than it is for me to have Internet and no channels. So even my cable provider knows how bad TV is and they are willing to pay me to keep a few channels. 

I took Option 4.  It is saving me $50 a month and I still get amazing entertainment like “Wipeout”, “Family Guy” and “MythBusters”.  In the words of John “Hannibal” Smith, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

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Gator said...

It creeps me out when I see such close similarities in myself and others... Or mostly my ego quakes at the thought that I'm not nearly as original and thus 'special' as I thought I was. Any who, the point of that is your financial freedom plan reminds me of my own as well as that little sit down screaming session. I sought therapy for my DVR addiction before cutting the fat, yo. I realized my weekends involved 12 hours of 'catch up' shows and all my interactions with live people involved me screeching, "Can you NOT see that I'm on episode 1 of 5 of LOST!? Please do not SPEAK to me!! At least until I finish episode 3!" This was all fine and well AND super healthy for all of my nearest and dearest relationships... AND THEN we went cold turkey. Now I have perfected my "Ah, yes... You're a fiscally unsound TV junky, face" when people start nattering on about the latest RIDICULOUS reality show. Dummies ;)