Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fish Whisperer

I almost got a dog.  She is a beautiful border collie.  A little skittish but I could tell she’s smart.
It all started when I got home the other night around 10pm after going for a swim.  It was dark outside but I had my exterior house lights on.  When I pulled into my driveway there she was, sitting in my yard.  Very strange since all of the dogs in my neighborhood come with a leash and an owner attached at the end of said leash.

As I got out of my car she began barking and howling at me.  My first reaction was, “What is it Lassie?  Did Timmy fall down a well?”  I am so funny.  Until the dog wouldn’t stop barking.  The neighbors’ lights started coming on.  One neighbor came outside and asked if I needed help.  I just yelled back, “It is not my dog!”

And the dog kept barking and howling.  It would look at me and then look down the road.  And I wish I was joking about what happened next but I’m not.

I spoke to the dog.  I asked the dog “Is there someone in my house?”  The dog kept barking.  “Is someone in trouble?”  The dog kept barking.  “Is there a fire in the area?”  And, I kid you not; I sniffed the air trying to find smoke.  The dog kept barking.

I gave up.  I finally went inside and the dog left.  If she would have come near me I could have seen her tag and called the number to let the owner know I had their dog.  Or, I could have taken the tag off and claimed the dog as my own.  But it was already past my bedtime, there was no fire and I had just tried talking to it without success. 

I hear fish are pretty good pets.

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