Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shout Out: Home Depot

Please note that I am not getting paid to write this blog (however, I'll be happy to change that).

Having become an owner of a house I have come to realize something; things break constantly.  Thankfully, I live two miles from Home Depot and I venture there often.  So often that the greeter gets a big smile on his face when he sees me and says "Hello, Darlin'. What project are you working on today?"  Plus, the Home Depot staff who helped me when I had a severe sprained wrist (loading things onto my cart and helping me get items into the SUV) still asks me how my arm is doing.  I sprained my wrist 7 months ago.

I have been to other similar stores but I don't get the same kind of service.  I usually get someone who is trying to up-sell an item to me that I do not need or if I need to ask a question no one knows what I'm talking about.

Me: "Wet vac!  It sucks up water!"
Half-dazed associate: "Um ... you ain't supposed to use a vacuum on water.  You could get electrocuted.  You know, like, zapped."

Home Depot staff members seem to be knowledgeable about everything.  And if one Home Depot-er doesn't know how to fix a problem they will ask another Home Depot-er but that first Home Depot-er does not leave my side.  They are in the learning process, too.  Many times the staff of Home Depot has saved me from having to purchase an expensive item because another cheaper item will do the same thing.  Plus, they remind me, if it doesn't work out bring back the item for a full refund and they will find something that will fix the problem.

Home Depot seems to remember that customer service goes a long way.  I'm sure their hours are long, not all customers are pleasant, and the pay should be better but kudos to those Home Depot associates who make doing home projects a little less agonizing.

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