Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink Snow Beats Yellow Snow

When you are faced with working from home or taking a snow day what would you do?  Let me emphasize that I live in Texas.  Texas does not have a ski resort.  Texas does not have snow plows.  Texas roads are not made for snow or ice.  When it snows in Texas an angel gets its wings and the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl.  Kidding.  Dallas Cowboys don’t win the Super Bowl.  Ever.  Major fail, Jerry Jones.

I digress. 

In February 2011 the Dallas/Fort Worth area received tons of snow.  So much snow that there were rolling black outs, people were stranded on highways, and my fireplace was going non-stop.  It also meant that my office was running on minimal staff.  Only those of us that live in a five mile radius of the building came in and the rest worked from home.  However, the heat in the building was on the fritz so I worked in the office wrapped up in my Snuggie, shuffled around in my fuzzy slippers, and spiked my coffee with Baileys.  Except for the last Friday of the 2011 Texas snowstorm.

The dusting we were supposed to get turned into 6 inches of pure powder (good job, meteorologists).  I elected to work from home because I was tired of freezing in the office.  I’d rather sit by my own fireplace (sadly, I left the Baileys at the office) and be able to work without shivering.  Decision was made, email sent to the bosses and the fireplace was roaring.  I ventured out into the white yonder to snap a few pictures of the serene landscape before cranking out productivity from my home computer.

And that’s as far as I got.  I saw the neighbor building an igloo and my “working from home” turned into “SNOW DAY!!!”  I’m a big fan of taking every opportunity life throws and life threw a snowball on Dallas/Fort Worth.  My transformation from professional adult who works from home by a fireplace to six-year-old running around the neighborhood freezing took all of a nanosecond.   My neighbors and I spent our day building snow blocks and coloring them (my own concoction of water and food coloring).  I never have regretted my decision to play outside in a rare amount of Texas snow because I always have other work Fridays (and working from home on Saturdays) but not another snow day for at least one year.

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