Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pain Meds and TV Don't Mix

I have been laid up in bed or on my couch recovering from the tonsillectomy of a lifetime (specifically, my lifetime).  There is not much to do other than read books, watch movies and surf TV channels. 

Reading books doesn't get very far before I start to snooze and lose my place.  Then I have to spend a half hour trying to find out the last thing I remember reading before picking up again only to fall asleep 15 minutes later.

Watching movies is much the same as reading a book.  If I start a movie I won't finish it and so the next time I start it over from the beginning only to fall asleep at the same spot again.  It is a torturous cycle!

My last option, surf TV channels, is interesting.  As I begin to fade into sleep I take tidbits out of whatever show I'm watching and subconsciously insert Simpson shows.  For example, watching NCIS will quickly turn from Jethro interrogating a suspect into Jethro interrogating Homer Simpson.  Or, Doc Martin (British show) will check on the school children in the fishing village Port Isaac.  And Lisa and Bart Simpson happen to be in the classroom.

Not sure why 'The Simpsons' characters get put on display in my half dazed TV watching but it does make me smile.  I might be drooling while I smile but it is a smile. 

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