Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bob vs. John

Not sure what made me think of an interview I went on several years ago but it is too funny not to share.

In 2005, I interviewed for an event coordinator position with a museum at a university in Texas that specializes in agriculture/football/general studies.  I was meeting with the director of the museum and three minutes into our conversation I wondered "How did he get into his office?  His head is huge!"  This director thought more about his ego than a true southern woman thought about who shot JR.  The event coordinator position was turning out to be not promoting the museum but promoting how the director had magically came to Earth and the museum was lucky enough to be in the path of his teleportation.

One of his questions was "What would you recommend to get people to come to an event at the museum (to bask in my glory)?"  I threw out four or five examples of things I had implemented in the past which had worked for other companies.  After each example he said, "We've already done that.  It didn't work.  What else?"  His body language was saying "I'm bored and I find asking you questions very entertaining.  If you worked here I'd treat you like dirt because it would please me."

This interview was going no where fast and I realized I did not want to work with this director.  We eventually ended the interview and as I was leaving I turned to tell him thanks for the visit.  (Keep in mind that he was on a high because he had the pleasure of telling me how amazing he was for over 45 minutes.)  So I said "Thanks for your time, Bob!" and quickly left.  Five steps away from the door I realized I called him "Bob" instead of by his real name "John". 

I never want to wish anyone bad fortune but I do hope his bubble burst a little bit that day.

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